XBO is a Belgian artist, coming from the advertising industry.

His creativity has been rewarded many times in Belgium and internationally.

He was elected "Belgian creative of the year 2008" (Media Marketing).

His art, a mixture of graffiti, painting and collage, highlights the raw realities of our society. Its nonsense, its contradictions, its singularities, its obviousness.

Pop culture is definitely his playground.


Art of contrast and the shock of proportions, he unequivocally tackles brightly colored subjects that intrigue, disturb, frighten or even amuse.


In his original series "Strike", he creates a contrast through the big, the massive, the heavy (the bowling pin with generous shapes and perfect design) and the very small (small characters) which gives all its meaning to the message.


Each work tells a story drawn from the culture, events or reality of the moment.

The messages are simple and are distributed like uppercuts.

Just like a designer of jeans, he signs each creation with a red label, affixed to the side of the work.

Thanks for your interest :-)